Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

This ceiling tile  is made of perforated aluminum is used in places which need sound insulation such as theaters, universities, libraries ,meeting rooms, and hotels.

Technical Specification

Tile is made of perforated aluminum, surface is polyester painted (thickness 80 microns) , weather-resistant, back is covered with black cellulose helps in the absorption of sound, and to achieve the following specifications:

- Sound Absorption: The tiles are perforated for sound absorption, where the value of the noise reduction coefficient is 0.75 , the value of 1.0 is the maximum value that can be achieved. 

- Fire Safety: The tiles subjected to fire resistance test, where its achieve the B1 level according to the BS 476

- Lighting Efficient: The light contribute essentially in appearance of the place, where the rate of the reflection of light through this ceiling tiles ranging between 70% - 80%, depending on the color.

- Moisture Resistance: The tiles are not affected by moisture because they are made of aluminum, the rate of moisture resistance up to 100%

- Thermal Resistance: The tiles are high resistance to heat, where is the choice of suspended ceilings are used in places with high temperature.

- The Cleaning: Cleaning can be easily apply  on the these tiles.

- Environmental Impact: The tiles fit with most environmental systems, and these  products are healthy and do not contain any harmful material to health and the environment.

- Easily of Maintenance: The tiles  are easily install and removal for access to the various extensions left for maintenance.



Hole dim. ( mm )

Thickness ( mm )

Size ( mm )




593  X 593

Lay in tile



600  X 600

Clip in tile