Parquet is used to cover floors in houses – offices – hotels – universities – malls – and theaters, it presents lovely touch to the place thanks to the wooden material which is manufacture from.

We can apply Parquet on old floor easily - quickly without remove it.



1 –The floor must be flat – clean – free of any protrusions.

2 - Provide a layer of foam material thickness of 2 mm to isolate the sound (be in rolls 1 meter).

3 - Start the installation of parquet panels in parallel to the wall, so leave gap between the wall and flooring 10 mm as expansion joint which will cover later by skirting.

4 - After completion of the installing of the first row , start installing the second row, where cut the panel in two pieces and install it on the first row, then we continue to install the regular panels, so we have contrast  between first row and second row which make the rows as one area and more stronger.  

5 - Continue installing of the third row, as we installed first row to start a full panel and so on ......

6 - When you reach the opposite wall, cut the panels for the last row according to the remaining distance, while maintaining the 10 mm gap between the flooring and the wall.

7 - Installed skirting which is 15 mm thickness for the aesthetic and to close the gap resulting from the installation (expansion joint).